Woman was created as a companion for man. The first woman Eve was made from Adam's ribs not from his head to rule him or from his feet to serve him but from his side to walk with him as his equal, but what do we see today? We see woman as a second-class citizen. We often see them hopeless, destitute, wronged only because this world has stopped giving importance to the woman.

               Now let us the importance of woman in our society. She has been the torchbearer for centuries. She is responsible for the miracle of birth. In most cases she is also a provider of the family and the epitome and embodiment of morality. Woman is also responsible for the image of the society. It is the woman who is considered the guardian of the respect and honor of a family .Moreover God has already emancipated woman for no responsibility can be greater than that of continuing the cycle of life of birth. She is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife. These are multiple role that woman elegantly fits, but she is, in our so-called modern world, still living in chains!!!

  Lies my soul still unspoken,

            Countless words still unsaid,

            Many thoughts still not expressed,

            I am an incomplete story, an unfinished song,

            I am an actor without a role,

           While walking on the road of life,

           I wait for my soul to be discovered,

          Until than this dejected soul lies in eternal torment.

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can you give explanation of last two lines
Basic unit of society is woman makes family,family makes home,and homes makes women and men can both be the bread winners,the steriotypical role place on women is slowly dissolving and both spouse parents are sharing the responsibility. they come with the family.over since they started to have more and more importance ever since.