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Plant hormones affect how plants grow. Unlike animal hormones, plant hormones are organic molecules. They aid in plant growth and survival. Cellular events like division and cell morphology are driven by hormone levels. In plants, meristematic tissue is composed of cells that are actively growing. This is where one is expected to find a relatively large concentration of plant hormones. Also, one will find higher hormone levels in root tip.s 

Auxin speeds up growth on one side of the plant. The flowers lean toward the sunlight. 
Cytokinin stimulates the growth of roots and is added to the tips of cuttings before planting to increase the likelihood of them rooting.

Auxin is involved in the elongation of stems.
Cytokinins stimulate cell division.
Gibberellins control stem elongation.
Ethylene controls leaves and flower abscision.
Abscisic acid suppresses growth of budsand promotes leaf senescence.
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Tnks,but having doubt in ethylene and abscissic acid
LUK A.A is a growth inhibitor while ethylene is a growth regulator... got it?
Tnks very much...
There were many functions the plant do and can grow,act,move,etc then who bring this action in the plants as the plants do not have a nervous system . all this action are brought about by hormones. then what's the procedure and what are the hormones first the mimosa plant which close their leaves whenever touch this is because  when we touch the leaves the water in the that area is removed and the leave is closed.
there are many other hormones they are:-
AUXIN:-promotes the growth of stem
CYTOKININ:- promotes cell division
and a acid i.e abessic acid which promote wilting of leaves and are many more
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About ethylene pls?
it regulates the ripening of fruit
its ok