Here is your short para on my new year resolution
very often we all hear about new year resolution and i had also tried to make new year resolutions.basically a new year is the resolution is made when one wants to correct the mistakes they have done in the past year or to do something in a more organized manner.
i have also made a resolution before,but just like anybody else,i too break it up,but this time i am going to stick to my resolutions and make sure that i am going to change myself.
secondly,i would like to be a good reader.i have heard that reading is a gud habit. so i have decided that i will improve my knowledge and reading as well.
this time, i am determine to stick to my resolutions and get my self correct to be get more better person,both for my self and foe my society.......!!!!! :)

New year resolution is the promise or an oath which one takes one the first day of the new year. it might be taken with a lot of pomp but hardly kept as oaths are made to be broken..........i will suggest u not to take any resolutions as they are basically meaningless but to go with the flow of life