Mobile phone is having both advantages and disadvantages for children
ADVANTAGES: its useful for doing our homework by using internet and new ideas and if  we are out of home and we will comming late we can inform our parents by calling them using cellphone.
DISADVANTAGES:children are not studying always being busy in their cellphone,chatting;gamming;etc.....
so mobile phone is having both advantages and disadvantages the thing is we have to use it in a proper way.
hope u like it dear friend :)


Mobile is useful for all people generally. But incase of students or kids it depends on the usage of us. If its for a good cause it is helpful and if its not for something good it may create various problems. Mobile phones can be used wisely by calling to people while some emergency and searching info. Disadvantages may be like used without much control for chatting and its also acts as so called GOD for teens... But atlast there may be anything related to mobiles which is good or bad. It is necessary for everyone today in this generation. Keep this as the best if u think its good.