Q.write the unit of pressure and volume of gas?
Q.Define the dalton's law of many partial pressure P1,P2,P3..........Pn?
Q.what is the difference between the ideal gas and real gas?Give the characteristic of real gas?
Q.Explain the ideal gas behavior of boyl's law and define all unit which is better law boyl's law or dalton's law ?
Q.Define the alkane and alkene ?
Q.How to make methane to ethane ?
Q.Define the alkyne with example?
Q.Define the divisibility of organic chemistry and define all?
Q.what is rimary and secondary alcohol?
Q.what will be the pressure of gas mixture when 0.5L of H2 at 0.8 bar and 2.02L of dioxygen at 0.7 bar are introduced in 41L vessel at 27°C?
Q. Draw the structure 2 Boron. Pentene ol ,2 Boron pentane ol ,2Methyl pentane ?



Ideal gas is a hypothetical gas that obeys the equation PV=nRT while real gas is the gas which has certain deviations from ideal gas and exists in reality at room temp.