I'm the victim of the flood taken in Kashmir.It was just horrible since last 4 or 5 days there were heavy rain it was cool there.But after our life has just changed becoz of the rain the dam has collapsed. The water cme lyk rippling in the air the water has come into the houses watever the food we have dat has gone off in the water.After we were living in terrace of the house the PM has said to the army to make camp fr the ppl who r suffering frm diz.they have took us to the camp the camp has provived us food and shelter to live there.We have lost so much in that flood our house,money our properties papers and lots of things in that flood.And some of our family members have died in that flood.We r thinking that really have lost everything so one the member of army has given us a oppournity ti live the life again if the flood has been cleared nd we can get back all our things.
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Hello.I'm one of the victim of flood at Kashmir.When this incident happened i was in a theater.Flooding had turned the community into an island, separated by swollen creeks from passable highways and outside help.The water rose quickly and unexpectedly.I was just made to submerge on the flooded water.several things kept smashing me against:table,shoes and more things.
Flooding eventually swamped the addition.All the people where suffering and among them one guy helped me to get rid of water.When i came out of water i was shocked to see that the whole theater was submerged half into water.Then arrived the rescue team.Thank god finally they came but it left lasting nightmarish memories.
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