I wud like to say them dat if they hav any problem wid the bus driver instead of talking abt him they can complain to their principles dat the bus driver is doing some problems in the bus and skul. And u wud say directly to dat driver nt to do so and so works in the bus or skul.
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Rita : sanju always behave rudely with bus driver 
me : yaa but bus driver also do the same 
rita : they both does't like each other 
me: i think they both understand to it 
rita : why the do this 
me : sanju come late to bus stop 
rita : yaa i heard many time he don't come on his time
me : many time bus driver talk to his parents
rita : yaa thats why small childrens are afrraid from bus driver
me : but no here is not mistake of driver 
rita: i think we talk to bus driver that if he behave properly he may listen him and if he behave badly he go opposed to bus driver
me: yaa ur right

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