Pooja : rohit and bus driver always behave rudely with each other
me : thats affect on small children
pooja:but what we can do
me : if we want we stop this
pooja; so wat u think
me : i think u should talk with bus driver 
pooja :but what
me :that u should behave properly don't go oppose to him he directly listen to him
pooja :yaa it is good idea
me : and also with rohit
pooja :when bus driver behave good with him we talk with rohit that respect bus driver
and listen to him automatically probleme will be solved
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We had already noticed that some of our class mates have conversation with bus drivers rudely ... I too feel this bad because they are from good family but then also they are making fun and having rude conversation from the Driver, who does his duty just to fulfill his family needs..Our classmates have been studied Manners and Eitquetes ..but then also they don't think how to talk with elders.
I think they behave with them because as to make fun of them how they look,their faces and kind of shirt they are wearing. I would like to advice them not to misuse their own status by doing this my classmates are getting down infront of their friend's eye.
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