To become a celebrity you should be well-educated. And also put a little attention towards fashion . Do some social  service or charitable work. Always prove good to the eye of people.
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Introduction :

Friends ,  I am here to deliver a quick and short speech on "how to become famous and a celebrity".  Every one wants to become a celebrity. There is a lot to do before one can become one.  Once we have decided what kind of celebrity we want to become, we make a plan to develop ourselves in that direction.


         We need get good skills, knowledge and proficiency in at least one area.  When we perform well in arts, studies, work, labor, planning, management or any such field, then slowly recognition comes to us.  We should not throw the opportunities that come our way. We should be humble and continue to work as good as before. Learn to be good, disciplined, well mannered, helping type and a good human being.


         Slowly and slowly the reputation builds on the work we did and the name spreads. Learn to cope up with pressure and additional work and burden. Along with recognition comes responsibility. When some work or performance is widely accepted, then we become famous and known to the public.


       Finally, I say that it is not by virtue of being some one's child or some one's authority that we become famous. This kind of recognition stays very briefly. The contribution we do to locality in the form of services, work we do with extremely good skills you gained, the reliability that we have shown during  the past few months or years, all these keep our reputation up and keep us on top.

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