We can do several helps to our friend on this topic. The first thing we can do is, speak to them in English and see what they speak in return. If we find any grammatical error in speaking correct him/her. If she has any doubt clear it with a great interest. Teach him/her the basic grammar and when he/she is thorough with the concept move to another topic and make him/her clear. We can also suggest her to read some 'Spoken English' books.

Hope this answer reached up to ur expectation! :)
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First...their confidence level must be raised.and for this they need support and encouragement from their own friends....unless they speak english they cant be without making fun of them...friends must encourage them to speak English,correct them,and help them in every possible manner...if this it self happens they will start feeling more confident....they should be encouraged to take part in more programes related  to englist such as speech,debate...they should be given a chance...
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