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Hey.How are you.I am fine here and enjoyed my vacation in a very happy manner.I went to my Grandparents house.Very enjoyable time we had together. I helped my granny with the garden, watered plants, and gathered fruit and vegetables. Also I was fishing with my grandfather. I enjoyed floating by boat, swimming in the river and helping my grandparents.Even i made friends there.And what about your holiday?How is aunt and uncle?And write me letter in return.Bye:)

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Arnav Ghosh,
1/222, Viram Khand,

Dear Anubhav,

Hi! Anubahv..Hope this letter finds u in best of your health.I am good and wants to tell u that, how I spent my holidays.I with my friends gone to Alllhabad.which is my birth place. We have gone to many places like..we have gone to watch movies, cantonment and near the Ganga...we also seen the house of Mr. Amitabh Bachan.It isa very old house now.I was feeling very bad as u not came to join us...because of ur Exams.Mention not Bro, time we will have funn...
I Hope that u score first of all students,At last I m ending my letter here.
Give regards to Uncle and Aunt..

Yours Bestfriend,
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hmm ya hl ful