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1 atmospheric pressure is  1 * 10^5 Pa or N/m²

The area of our head/shoulders that is exposed to the pressure vertically is about
         =       50 cm * 10 cm + π * 6² cm²  approximately
       =  0.06 meter²

Total force we experience on whole of our body due to 1 atm on top of us
       approximately  =  1 * 10^5 * 0.06 = 6, 000 Newtons.

This is about  600 Kg weight. or force exerted by 600 kg stone for example.

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what is this ??
m in class 8 i dont know what u have written
i have written that : air pressure is on our head. Surface area of our head is Pi * 6 cm square. The area of our shoulders, ponch and bums that are exposed to pressure can be around 500 cm^2. So total area = 0.06 m^2. these areas are approximate estimates.. Force on us is pressure * surface area.. The force is the weight and answer needed.