A report on the innovative ideas on waste management

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1). segregate waste into wet, dry and hazardous
2). use plastic covers as garbage bags instead of throwing them
3). all residents of apartments can have bins labeled dry and wet for the garbage to be thrown in. its better this way as many people around you are made aware of the importance of waste management
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1.  People in appartments or houses may be told to collect waste in bags, polythene covers and put them in garbage bins.  Garbage should not be thrown in loose.  It becomes more difficult to manage.

2.  There are garbage collection and dumping organizations pick up garbage every morning or afternoon in small vehicles and put them in some centers.  Big vehicles transport this to a distant location where the garbage is segregated and treated chemically.

3.  Waste or disposables can be separately collected for the recyclable and non recyclable material wastes.  Glass, Paper, Plastic bottles etc. could collected in separate bins placed next to one another in street corners.  Organic kitchen waste and food waste can be collected separately.
     The biodegradable material could be decomposed and biogas could be produced.  Glass materials could be crushed and used as raw material for new glass products.  Similarly plastic and paper too can be recycled more efficiently.

4. Some used materials like rubber, tires etc. are useful to generate low calorie fuels or oils too.  An elaborate scheme, of collection of used up materials separately and using them as raw materials, should be drawn and put in action.

5.  Local people may be asked to report any waste lying around, to waste management organizations that do the garbage collection and dumping.  

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