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Impacts of Air Pollution:

Effect of Air pollution are that we may face a lot of diseases due to breathing in polluted air.  We cannot like breathe fresh air. We get diseases in lungs, nose, throat and head.

Harmful gases with Chlorine and Flourine, cause depletion of ozone, they rise to the ozone layer.

Acidic chemicals and gases mixed with air go to the clouds and precipitate in acid rains. They are harmful for people and they damage water bodies and agricultural lands.

Air pollution causes  global warming due to hot gases mixing with air.  Beauty of many buildings (heritage and ancient - like Taj Mahal) gets degraded.

Prevention :

1.  We must stop burning of fossil fuels unnecessarily.

2. Better method of Energy utilization must be found.  Manufacturing processes must be controlled to reduce pollution of air by release of  waste and harmful hot gases in to air.

3. We may use technologies for vehicles like CNG or electric battery run vehicles.

4.  We may use public transport to reduce use of fuel.  We may restrict vehicles in busy areas.  Allow only pedestrians and cyclists.  This is done in many European countries.

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