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Hello friends, Today I will give a small speech on the most important topic in this world, Money, I say loudly again, "the Money".  Money is not a topic to speak on, really, but to learn about and earn continuously through out our lives.

Let us ask ourselves how it came in to our lives?

     Money was originally invented by the man as a common denomination. Long ago, it was introduced for trade and exchange of goods and services, and to save the earnings.

Nowadays everything boils down to money.

     But as time progressed, value of money has increased tremendously.  We need money for buying food and for providing ourselves the basic amenities.   We need a lot more money to live comfortably. We need to earn even more money to live luxuriously and to be sure that we can live nicely for the rest of our lives and of our family members.

   Unfortunately, we may not be able to increase our earnings a lot every year.  So we need to save.  We should not spend most of the money we earned.  We must plan to save a big portion of our earnings and invest them in revenue generating schemes.  One way of earning is to reduce spending and to save money.  That amounts to earning more money.  It is a good habit to be wise with money.


Conclusion :

   So save money carefully and live happily and sleep with a peaceful mind.  Easily said than done, money is not so easy to save and protect.  Indian mothers in families know this best.

   Even governments of India (or even USA) have introduced austerity measures time and again to reduce spending and save expenditure.  Hence,  Have control over our mind, which always wants to enjoy and spend money on entertainment or other short lived pleasures.

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