Give me questions related to the topic money for ASL .
Atleast 3-4 questions. Please send quick as possible.:)

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Q&A: WIth interest rates being so low these days, where do you recommend putting your money?

Q&A: How much of my paycheck should go into my 401(k)?

Q&A: Is it smart to buy a house in this market?

Q&A: Can we afford a baby?
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Some questions related to topic  MONEY. 

1.  Money saved is Money Earned.

2.  Importance of Money.

3.  What is more important Money or Honesty or Fame ?

4.  What is are the best ways of Earning money?

5. How to manage money in the 21st century ?

6.  Penny-wise and Pound-foolish ?  what does this mean ?

7.  Nothing is Cheaper with out a Reason,  Nothing is dear without  Value.
     How do you interpret this ?

8. How can you Earn money, Spend it as well as Save it too ?

9. What is important in life - Money, Satisfaction, Peace, Relations ?

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