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Money is just a thing used for representing wealth and used in exchange of commodities.
It determines the position of an individual in life.
Usage of money should be done in a planned manner.
The best way to spend money is to invest it on land,gold.
And spend money only in case to satisfy your need.
Some amount should be used for helping the needy and poor which gives you good feeling of comfort and happiness.
It is not only for our happiness,it is indeed our duty.
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Money has very important role in our daily life now it became that if we dont have we cant spent a leisures life and it should be spend in a good way we should use them in a proper way such as buyng the neccessary things we want nd to donate some money for the poor we should not use them in unwanted way  such as buying unneccessary things and wasting them for smoking,drinking and so on....................
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