I  will try to speak english not only in school but also at home . and i will try to search new words and vocabulary and refer to dictionary .and use it in a proper way and after that i will be in  a position to speak english with confidence.
hope u like it. plz mark it as best .. :) and i will also force my partner to converse in english with me by this we both will be in a position to speak a good english
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I will try to buy some books on spoken English.  I will advise my partner also to buy one book or, I will buy for my partner too.  I will read aloud and practice speaking in English correctly and with out mistakes.  Then I will read the passages again and again to improve the pace.

I will try to learn some vocabulary.  Then I will practice speaking with my partner and relatives at home.  I know that it will take some months or even years before I can speak fluently.  But I will not stop practicing and learning.  I will not mind my classmates and others laughing at me.

I will observe the other good speakers, how they are able to speak so well.  I will prepare my talking and rehearse a few times before I speak in front of others.  I will ask my home mates and partner to give me feedback.  I will value their opinion and try correcting myself.

I will try to take a soft skills and spoken English course.  I may possibly get a book and CD/DVD from CIEFL (central Institute of Foreign Languages and English) at Hyderabad.  I will get ample material to make myself a good speaker.

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