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   address, New Delhi

   address, Hyd

dear ------,

   How are you?  It has been a while we talked to each other. I have some spare time now and I just thought it would be nice to write a letter to you rather than talking on phone.

   We have some serious problem around this town.  All the country is talking about Clean India, but here in this town nothing much happened.  People are dumping garbage on roadside still.  There are not many garbage cans kept on the street corners.  As people do not seem to change much in this quiet town, we still continue to have difficulties.

   Walking on streets is difficult, you know.  It smells so bad when we walk near the dumping areas.  Often people do not bother where they throw the waste.  Unfortunately, the municipality also has not provided many garbage bins.  So people are not educated and habituated to walk hundreds of meters to dump waste.

   In our town many children are falling sick and are often suffering from fever.  I have a feeling that it is due to the mosquitoes and insects.  The rotten dump is the breeding place for them.  Many persons whose physical body is not so strong in defense against virus and are infection, are likely to get hit.

   I hope that concerned authorities and people will realize this soon and take proper actions.

   And, how is your life these cold days?  How are the teachers teaching the lessons ? Are your brother and sisters fighting with you still for control on the remote of the TV?  Are the people around there more disciplined in terms of garbage dumping and hygiene ?

   Write a reply letter soon.

Yours affectionately

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