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  Narayan, address,                                                        date
  Hyderabad, phone number

   Chief divisional Mananger/engineer
   Electricity office
   area  name,  Hyd

copy to
   Commissioner,  Municipal office,
     area name, hyd

                 SUBJECT :  Complaint regarding danger of fire and a fire incident.

 Sir ,
           I am Narayan residing in the area ---  for over 5 years.  I wish to tell you that yesterday there has been a fire in the transformer and electric poles near our house.  There were sparks coming out of them and due to some reason the sparks and high tension caused fire around the place.  The house next to ours had caught fire.  They suffered heavy damage.  We had no electricity since last 24 hours.  Fortunately, the fire service came in time to put out the fire.

     It seems some earlier complaints were not considered valid and so no action was taken, and hence this accident occurred.  I request you to look in to this incident and take an immediate action and corrective measures.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

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i also wrote in the same format................
i requested that you add some content in the complaint. but you did not . so the answer was deleted automatically after a day.. if you please, do add an answer along with the content. I believe the questions is not for a format. It is for the whole letter. thanks for cooperation.