dear diary,

                 today happens to be my worst day on this planet earth , i suppose so .

   you know what happened i am not allowed to go for the movie which has just released with that gorgeous deepika and handsome sharukh and trust me this is bad, very bad. my friends are allowed and i have no clue as to how will i still stay the coolest of my class. whatever right now i feel likew killing my brother on spot. he has time to pedicure my mothers nails, yes pedicure , for poketmoney and no time to take me for that film . well u know right now i am at the position of becoming the sadhu , you no  saint in my class who is so backdated and knows absolute nothing.

                                                                   your unfaithful, suicidal,   


are ek thankyou to boldo
not a good one .. ok ,chalta hai . stilli deserve a thnax
2nd December 2014
5:00 P.M.
Dear diary,
Today My parents did allowed me for a movie i am willing to go.So i feel the worst day on the earth etc,etc.
Your name- ......