What is the role of a moderator on Brainly ?
1) Mentor moderator

2) Spam Fighter moderator

it was homework related i had to do a story writing
the other one was where i asked who created god
there is nothing wrong in wondering about things that are not related to homework
at least thats what one should encourage and not only get info needed to do homework
hope you understand


Mentor Moderator ------

A person who is a leader of Moderator Group , he is one who checks everyone's answer and write answers too. to . He has powers like to delete the user or put ban on someone's profile according to his/her action.

Spamfighter Moderator ----

A person who leads Spam Fighter's group ,who finds out the users  who  copies answer's ....and delete them if..they..don't understand after putting so many warns and ban.
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