Mystery is a thing which is not clearly understood , which cannot be explain or something unknown . Mystery causes curiosity which makes people go and explore it. Some examples of mystery are life after death, aliens exist or not, Bermuda trianle, Padmanabhaswamy temple in kerela. We don't know the life after death whether we will be a ghost or we'll reach heaven or hell . Some claim that aliens exist but there is no proof of it so it is also unknown mystery. Bermuda triangle is a area in which anything travels by it disappears some tell that they travel into another dimension of the world or they time travel. In Padmanabhaswamy temple in kerala there is a lot of gold worth $200 million but when the researchers reached the last chamer called chamberB THEY COULD NOT OPEN IT , some tell that it is guarded by magic still it is unknow mystery. These are the examples of mysteries which is still unknown but can be solved in future.
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Introduction :

     Mystery is, not knowing the truth about some event that happened or about a person.  Mystery is the suspense, and hidden information or absence of any information.


     People like mysteries as they thrill and excite us so good.   The suspense in a mystery thriller story holds our attention, heart beat, and attention.   We just feel intrigued by suspense.  We cannot tolerate it in our nerves for a long time.   ALso, we dislike any interruption in the middle.  After a mystery is unravelled, we feel so relieved in the nerves and happy in the mind.

    Many serials on TV, magazines, thriller books, and cinemas become hits because of the tense moments of excitement that they have.    Usually darkness, ghosts, haunted houses previous births, aliens from spaces, and other topics form the story lines of mysteries.    The persons who solve mysteries are very accomplished, respected and fantasied.


      The Bermuda triangle in the Atlantic ocean is still mysterious.  The reasons for the mishaps on aeroplanes and ships in that area are still unknown.    We do not know if God exists or not.   We do not know yet for sure how the Universe and life started off millions of years ago. 


    We need to be systematic, logical, knowledgeable, wise and energetic to be heroes of solving mysteries.  Let us solve the mysteries that lie ahead of us.

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