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The ways in which a verb can be expressed is called as Tense.
There are 12 main types of tenses in which a verb can be expressed.

1.He plays well - In this sentence the verb 'plays' represents that he plays every day.So this kind of verb is called as present tense.

2.He played well - In this sentence the verb 'played' represents that he finished playing and now he is not playing.This type is called Past tense.

3.He will play well - In this sentence the verb 'will play' represents that he is not playing now but he will play in the future.This kind is called as future tense.

These are the three main types of tenses.
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A tense is a form of a verb which shows the time at which an action happens.

It comes from the Latin word "tempus", which means "time". Tense" applies to verbs. It gives a reference for when something occured. For example : We are running in the rain. (present tense,) We will run when it stops raining. (future tense ) We ran every day last spring. (past tense).

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