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There are many factors that determine the climate of a place like,
Distance from the sea
Position of mountains.

For determining the climate of Shimla altitude(height) is taken under consideration.
The height of Shimla is 2205 m and height of lundiana is just 225 m.
So as height increases temperature decreases.
Therefore Shimla is much colder than lundiana.
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Latitude, altitude and terrain are major factors that determine the temp of a place . While Shimla is located on mountain range at height of 2.2 km ; Lundiana is located in plains with height of  just 0.22 km. Lapse rate is the change in temp per km change  of height and is around 6.4 degree/km. As there is a height difference of nearly 2 km , Shimla is nearly 12 -13 degree  colder than Lundiana.