Relative Density=  \frac{Weight of body in air}{Loss of weight in water}
Hence, R.D= \frac{W1}{W1-W2}   
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Relative density is the ratio of density of a material to density of water. If A body weighs W₁ in air and W in water, its relative density is given by

R.D= \frac{W_1}{W_1-W_2}

Density of water = w
density of body = p
volume of body = v
₁ = pvg
W₂ = (p-w)vg

RD= \frac{p}{w}= \frac{pvg}{wvg} = \frac{pvg}{pvg-pvg+wvg} = \frac{pvg}{pvg-(pvg-wvg)} = \frac{W1}{W1-W2}

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