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Ane - hi, Sasha, how are you?

Sasha- I'm fine you?

A- Same what are you doing this weekend?

S- We are going to visit Nicco park. Actually its a family trip.

A- Wow, that sounds cool.

S- you have any plans?

A- Nothing big, but we are going for a movie.

S- Am sure you'll enjoy it.

A- Hope so...anyway Sasha I need to leave.....bye

S- Ok bye..Ane...enjoy your weekend.

A- yeah...same to you...see u later.

s- yeah bye see you.

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u may try dis.....
mrk as bst if dat helped u :)
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Arsia- Hey Zara! how are you?
Zara - Fine! What about you?
Arsia- I am Fine .
Zara - 
 So, what are your plans for this weekend?
Arsia - I have planned to visit my Grand parents these weekends. And what are your plans?
Zara - I am planning to go to see a movie this weekend.
Arsia - Okay Bye Zara! 
Zara- Bye Arsia Hope you enjoy your weekends .