Music is a form of art.It is used to express feelings and emotions.People from all walks of life enjoy listening to music.
There are many genres in music:Rock,Pop,Jazz,Hip Hop etc....
Music varies with each culture.Each culture and tradition have their own Music.Music can be either sung or be made from various Instruments .
Music can be entertaining for some while for others it may be a form of fun.Everyone including old people and very young toddlers love music.

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Music is a not just part of art and entertainment.
It is the basic need for survival.
It helps us to recollect our memories to the past or help us when we are in need of companion.
Let me explain it with an incident.Every one know about the twin tower tragedy.On September 11,2001.Many Americans were shocked by this incident.But they were relaxed only by singing "America -the beautiful".
This song helped them to get rid of that incident from their mind.So music is a part of life and a basic need for human survival.
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