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Yes absolutely. you can't sense God's presence because there's something blocking the communication between the two of you.But god answers our prayers and god helps the good and punishes the bad.
But Stephen hawking says there is no god.
yes, god is there its up to u.its depend on ur believe
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If u believe, God is there and if u don't then there is no God. There is no any scientific proof about the existence of God. If u believe the books written in olden times, then there is God and if u don't, he is not. According to me, God exist. It just simply depends on the person but there is a supreme power, no one knows where and in what form but it is. There is something that controls the whole universe. If u have have faith miracles happen and if u don't have, you will not observe the miracles happening every moment around you. As my life, its full of miracles. I just observe, smile and thank him. Its a great pleasure experiencing and feeling the love and presence of God. 
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