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We should love our parents because they sacrifice a lot for us just for us to be born here in this world, they provide us our needs emotionally, spiritually and financially.And most of all they will accept us regardless of what we have and what we don't have.They will always ready to welcome us even we've done something wrong or our paths crooked.
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Not at all thanks dr your topic is soo nice
We love our parents because they love us and they are our well wishers always, what ever happens. Other relations are linked with selfishness. But parents child relation is often linked with selflessness. Parents try to see that their children do better than they did / could do in this world. They wish their children to become more respected and richer than themselves.
Parents see that their children are happy and safe in this world which is very hard, harsh, selfish, and competing. We love our parents as when ever we are in difficulty, we think of our caretakers mother and father. We love them really, even though it appears on the outside that we dont like them and we quarrel with them.
these points will be good for u Ramya.
We love our parents every livingbeing love its parents in this world because parents are more then gods they gave us birth this life in which we are leaving is given by our parents our happiness belogs to them stil now they sacrificed many for us they sacrificed their likes even they are very important in our life
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we love our parents because they earn and fullfill our needs, they protect us from every problem,they suggest us about good and bad