1. Strict control on speed limit specified in area.
2. Road should be well lit.
3. Damages , pits, potholes should be repaired on war footing.
4. Strictness during issue of licenses.
5. Road driving rules and road sines should be taught in schools.
6. Avoiding shortcuts.
7. Road signs like  turning, merging of roads, crossings etc. should be visible  from  distance .
8. No parking or breakdown should be permitted on road.
9. Roads should be protected from wild animals , cattle, dogs etc by fencing.
10.Discipline and proactive driving should be ensured.

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1.  We should be aware of rules and discipline of walking on the road side.  There should be proper platforms built on either side, with no encroachments on the platforms.

2.  People must be made aware of various issues and possible solutions.

3. Vehicle drivers are to be given good tests.  They must be told to be very careful.  There must be more material in the licensing procedure.

4.  There should be traffic lights at many more junctions.  There should be some way of taking photos of speeding vehicles and then imposing penalties on overspeeding drivers.

5.  There should be  maximum speed limit for  commercial and private vehicles.  The speeds must be limited to 80 kmph for privately owned or taxis in city.  If they are to go beyond that speed, then some permission may be taken specially.

6.  Technology can help with automatic detection of hurdles and then apply brakes or change direction of navigation.  That should be adopted, soon as it is available.

7.  Safety measures to be implemented.  In vehicles there should be airbag feature.  The vehicles may be made with more balancing geometry.

8.  cameras may be fitted on street junctions and the views of the vehicles on side roads at junctions may be shown to drivers inside vehicles on a TV screen, as the driver approaches a junction.   So one knows what is coming from other sides.

9.  There should be some way of reducing the effect of  blinding of eyes by headlights of vehicles coming in opposite direction.

10.  Multiple lanes must be built on busy roads.  There should be separate lanes for scooters, autos and cycles.  Buses and heavy trucks should be on a separate lane.  People must follow lane discipline and must use indicator compulsorily when going from one lane to another.

11.  People must be educated not to drive when they are not strong mentally or when they are agitated and when they are drunk.

12. People should not talk on cell phones and should not get distracted when driving.  Other passengers must ensure that the driver is careful.

13.  Road dividers must be built on every road.  Speed breakers must be made more clearly visible. 

14.  There should be street lights on every road.  The roads should be well laid, which will last for many years, and which will not get damaged easily due to rains.

15. Phosphorescent (glowing) reflectors are to be placed along the road separators and the ends.  They will guide the driver continuously, catching his/her attention.

16. Sign posts, directions and symbols must be displayed at every needed location on roads, so that drivers are reminded of their situation.  At present the drivers have to remember a lot of things.

17.  In India on roads connecting cities there are many villages. On those roads often many cattle, goats or other animals walk in the middle of roads obstructing vehicles.  That practice must be somehow controlled.

18. Rich young fresh boiling blood people must employ nice and cool drivers rather than driving themselves in hurry and excited moods.

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