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Friends, I wish to say a few words about "Culture and Values".  It is a tough topic really. But I will say what I know.

Introduction : what do we understand by culture and values

       Culture comprises of all the good ways of living of people in a civilization.  Culture consists of the beliefs, customs, traditions, ethical and moral values.

     The attributes and qualities of behaviour and conduct, which we treat as noble are the values in our society and culture.  People who possess these values, like helping nature, hard work, honesty, bravery, are given respect.

Continuing on :

       Culture and values of a person show in the way a person speaks, behaves, responds to various incidents.  We show our culture through various performing arts like dance, music, vocal singing, drama, creative writing, craft making, debates, painting, entertainment and festival celebrations.  The Values of our society are embedded in the culture.

      The Values in our family are respecting elders, helping each other, maintaining blood relations, clean thinking, loving, sacrificing, fidelity to spouse, honest, courage, and hosting our guests treating them as God-sent.  Time and again many movies produced on our culture and values have been welcomed all over the world.  Even the Indians settled abroad for decades continue to love our rich traditions and are proud to belong to India.

Conclusion :

    As a country of rich heritage and history, Indians always had a great culture and values. This is evident from our great epics of Mahabharata, Ramayana and Vedas.  In this fast changing 21st century scenario, we are influenced a lot by outsiders.  Often we try to praise western culture and insult our own.  It is good to pick good values from foreigners.  But, our culture and Values give us a Great Identity.  Be proud of it. Protect it and uphold it.

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