Some constituencies are reserved for people who belong to the backward classes like the Scheduled Castes [SC] and Scheduled Tribes [ST]. In a SC reserved constituency only someone who belongsto the Scheduled Castes can stand for election.

Similarly only those belonging to the Scheduled Tribes can contest an election from a constituencyreserved for ST. Currently, in the Lok Sabha, 84 seats are reserved for the Scheduled Castes and 47for the Scheduled Tribes.

It is a measure to include representation for all classes in the legislature.

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The constitution makers thought of a special system of reserved constituencies for lower sections of the society. Only candidates from these so called lower sections of people can contest elections in these reserved communities. 84 seats of loksabha and are reserved for SC candidates and 47 for ST candidates.
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there are reserved constituencies and tribes in both parliamentary and assembly elections. general candidates are not eligible to contest from this constituencies. all voters are to vote for one of the candidates from shedule caste or tribes