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    Old age home are a necessity nowadays in India.  People for a long time in history had been living in undivided Hindu families.  People are used to the combined family house and living together.  

   Usually parents  had been living with their children once they are old and cannot take care of themselves nicely, or if they did not have a separate home or if they did not have sufficient income.  This is the way life was going on in India and culture of India traditionally supported that.

   However, in the last two decades life has changed a lot due to rapid developing scenario.  Men and women have gone far away from parents for jobs and studies.  They opt for better chances of livelihood.  So the question of parents being cared for arises.

   Old age homes are a good alternatives to old persons who are discarded, or do not have any one to look after them.  Old age homes give them good shelter and take care of them well.  They do not have to fear  thieves and robbers.  Their health is taken care personally.  Old people find neighbors with whom they can discuss and share their hearts.
    But it costs to be in an old age home.   Every one cannot afford that.  There should be also some cheaper old-age-homes in small towns and villages, so they can be afforded by not so rich persons.

   To the extent possible, the men and women should support their parents and give them company during their last phase their lives with love and affection.

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