Sk; hello sir what do u want
c; i want ....
sk: sorry sir we do not keep this.
sk:yes sir take this.
c: how much
sk:thank u to visit visit again
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thank u for spending ur time to answer me...
ha ha
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Enakshi - But I'm supposed to get a 10 rupee change. You've only given me five. Shopkeeper - Listen child, take this and go away.You gave me a 110. The cost, 105. Enakshi - No, I saw the price. It's 100. Don't try to fool children just because their children. Give me the packet, I'll show you the price tag. Ineed 5 more rupees now. Shopkeeper - Okay, okay. Here take your mere 5 rupees. Now please leave. Enakshi - I'm leaving. And I'll make sure everybody else here leaves as well. Because I don't want anyone to face such a situation. Thank you very much. Shopkeeper - No, please don't do it. I shall face a huge loss. Enakshi - Okay, but next time if I see you doing this stuff, I'm going to have to something serious.
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Your welcome!
if each dialog appears on a separate line that will be good. why is it all mixed up like this ?
Actually, my device isn't allowing me to use the Enter Key. I have to write the whole line, and only then will the next line be available. And that is not always possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.