Discuss among 3 friends (each person should get 10 dialogues to say) about the wrong stuff the government is doing.

perhaps this is a little too difficult topic. what is wrong from one's point of view may not be wrong in another's view. also does one want to talk against government? let us see.
is that home work/assignment ?
It's a part of our debate assignment. We have been divided into three groups. I am the leader, and have been asked by my team members to get a few wrong things the government is doing like, making the right of education for everyone, but there are still people who don't know about these rights, and are suffering. When it's about a punishment, the government remembers, but when it's a reward, nobody cares.
We do not need to talk against the government. We simply need to say the stuff that you think the government is wrong. It is a difficult topic, and that's why I need the help of Brainly! Yes, what is wrong from one's views are not always wrong in another's. And that is why it's a debate.
Anyways, Happy New Year!


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I give you some points. I dont know  if these are at school level.  You could make some conversations among yourselves based on these.

Government should encourage more employment. make people do work.  We should increase the earning potential of people.  We should not have to  subsidize ration and distribute ration at such a large scale. That subsidy is affecting the national budget.  Many important projects are stuck.   The emphasis should be on creating employment, work and not subsidizing and donating free.

    We are importing too much and exporting less.   That is going to create a lot of problem.  We are earning less by selling less internationally.  Then we are buying more from others, so we are spending too much.   So we are losing.  We must increase our  production capability.  The country must become strong self sufficient in most respects.   But we are not doing that.  We are not setting up enough industries.

    We are increasing reservations in jobs, college seats etc. a little too much.  The persons in open competition are facing a  lot of trouble.  The reservation facility is being wrongly used by rich people.  Reservations in jobs and colleges, payment of fees for  reservation category should not be extended to those who are   economically well off and social status wise good.  Only economically backward persons should be given reservations.

These concessions and fees paid by government is too high for the state and central governments.

We are not able to protect our border very well.  China and Pakistan always show aggression on the border and kill our jawans.  But India does not take serious action, but only talks.  If you take the case of USA or UK, they would have staged a war against such actions by neighbors.

There are many loopholes through which many persons are illegally earning and a lot of scams have happened.  So much of public money is gone some where.  We must take serious measures to curb corruption and scams.  The government is not doing that.  Some East asian countries developed in two decades so well by doing that.

Only Hindi is given a lot of push in India, in terms of languages, after English.  We must have regional languages to be as important.  Every country in the world treats their own language, and culture very well.   In India people do not know about their own district, state and country.  But they know a lot of things about foreign countries.  For example, we know and dream about Niagara falls.  But we do not know that there are very beautiful waterfalls in our own district and state.

Government does not have proper schemes for people to know about their own heritage and sites.  People must be made to know a lot more about their own regions and languages.

Simply, people here can write essays in English.  But not at all in Hindi and regional languages.  Such a simple point, tells a lot.

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