1- generally have hard body shell
2- they bite for their protection
3- most of them are colourfull
4- example- mosquitoes

Wild animals;
1- they can be hervivoures,carnivores
2- have different types of body structure
3- they are found every where on earth
4- example-tiger

1- have hollow bones
2- hind limbs are converted into feathers
3- they are light in weight
4- example- pigeon,parrot,eagle.
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Animals:the animal kingdome consists of vertebrates and invertebrates. Birds:most birds can fly .this has ment taht over the years they have been able to livein places that other animals could not grt.they live in every part of the world, even in the chilly Arctic. Insects: there are more termites and ants on earth than insect species-thee are millions of them.they live in groups called 'colonies'. -------------×------×----------------