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The tiniest of all tranquil things is a raindrop.God's purest creation.If there were no raindrops earth would have been barren-no life no greenery.If god were to ask me what i want to become in next life,i would wish to become a raindrop.
I would be born as steam or water vapour and slowly turn into a droplet,nurtured by cold winds.There would be many droplets around me and soon we would form a cloud.More and more of them would fine day,the cloud,unable to bear my weight,would release me down to earth,to quench some body's thirst.I would like to fall into a river.But this journey might not be so easy as it seems-especially for a tiny thing like me.wind would howl loudly and try to deviate me from my destination...cold winds would try to turn me into a snowflake but i will try to keep my independant one moment when an animal or plant will use me,my existence will be wiped out.But still,i woould be happy as i was useful to someone.
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Rain!!!!! we all love when monsoon comes and a small drop of rain falls on our face, making us happy and contented. IF i would be a raindrop i would also fall with my other friends i.e. other raindrops. But the journey would be difficult and full of adventures also. Wind would take me to different places and could travel US, UK, many foreign places without passport or other requirements.When i will fall on earth , i would bring happiness to every ones face.
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