Cos6o has greater value
cosine function is decrease where as functional argument is increase from 0 to 90 degrees .
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Let us assume that 6 and 60 are in degrees and not radians.

1.  Cos Ф = adjacent side / hypotenuse  in a right angle triangle
               = a/b.
     When angle Ф = 0, a = b and as Ф increases 'a' remains same and b (hypotenuse) increases. So cos Ф decreases continuously as Ф increases till Ф = 90 degree.

2.  The graph of cos Ф shows the wave like property of Cos and it decreases between Ф = 0 to Ф = 180 deg.

     So  COS 6  is greater than  COS  60.
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