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real heroism means not to show their shoulders or fights or others. real heroism means to help the people who are in needs, to strive for the country's welfare etc.
when anyone will follow this means the will come into the light(fame) without knowing them. they are respected by the whole society.
Eg : sachin although he is fame by playing cricket, he did so much for the peoples welfare. he also owned many villages to help that villagers.
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I feel that real heroism is to help others when they are in need though we cannot help them in that particular situation. Not only the movie actor called as hero but there are many people who often fights for poor,human rights and help needful.
                If we see there are many heros  in our society. They often help needful. They never want any followers. They never bother about their facilities.
                One can be called as real hero when he is a good leader . One cannot be called as hero when he fights with others.A real hero never want any fans. But a person who want to become hero without having desirable qualities often beats his own trumpet.