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Read the following story prompts and weave a story, using ur own imagination and ideas in about 80-100 words.

A poor woodcutter………

Value points:
• Cutting trees in a forest
• Axe falls into the river
• Water deep
• Woodcutter couldn’t find the axe
• He weeps no log of wood
• Starving

what is the meaning of value points
value points are some points by which you can develop a story
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Once upon a time their lived a poor wood cutter. one day  wood cutter's axe accidentally fell into river. The poor wood cutter made a good search in the water. 

But his efforts were in vain. Finally he burst into tears. Hearing his sobs, an Angel appeared before him. 

The Angel dived into the river and came up carrying a golden axe. The wood cutter did not accept it. He stated that his axe was made of iron. 

The Angel disappeared and soon returned with a silver axe. The wood cutteragain denied that it was his axe. 

The Angel once again plunged into the river. It soon reappeared carrying the axeof the wood cutter. The poor man greeted the angel with words of profuse thanks and great joy. 

The Angel was impressed by the man's honesty. 

She presented him with the golden and silver axes in recognition of his truthful nature. 

MORAL : Truthfulness brings its own reward.
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