Before I could explain to here the differences of language in this world,she was embarked on the full tied of another subject. " what do you think, father ? bhola says," there is anelephant in the clouds,blowing water out of his trunk,and that is why it rain!" and then darting off anew, while i sat still making some reply to his last saying," father!what relation is mother to you?" "my dear little-sister-in law!"i murmurmed involuntarily to myself,but with a great face contrived to answer,” go and play with Bhola,Mini.I am busy.”
ques:-change the sentences in direct speech to reported speech.




Before I could hear the differences of language in this world , she was embarked on the full tide of another subject asking her father what he thought about it.

Bhola said that there was an elephant in the clouds blowing water out of his trunk and that was the reason why it rains.

And then while I sat still making ready some reply to this last , she asked me how I was related to her mother.

I involuntarily murmured  that she was my dear little sister in law but then I strictly told her to leave and play with Bhola as I was busy.