1. Hovercrafts and magnetic trains can run faster than boat and trains
respectively. Why?
2. Write in short about the warning system of Golconda fort.
3. Taps, imitation jewellery, wheel rims etc. have shiny coating which comes out when scratched. This is done through a method known as electroplating. What is electroplating? How is it done?

can u plz give the answer fast


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1.Hovercrafts & magnetic trains works on the principle of super fluid or super conductors so there is less friction experienced by them,so they run faster than ordinary train or boat.

2.there was a warning note to the royal in case of attack,no cell phones should used,Hyderabad and working on a data streaming system for a tsunami early-warning system,

3.Electro plating involves passing an electric current through a solution called electrolyte.this is done by dippind two terminals called electrodes into electrolyte and connecting them into a circuit with a battery or other power supply.the electrode and electrolyte are made from carefully chosen elements or compounds.when the electricity flows the circuit they make,the electrolyte splits up and some of the metal atoms it contains can be plated in this way,including gold silver,zinc,copper.cadmium,chromium,nickel,platinum and lead

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