what do u mean by campus
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Some slogans on campus clean are 
1.keep our campus clean & green
2. to aviod a scene keep your surroundings clean
3. pick up & pitch in
4. dont be health . keep campus clean . be healthy
5. cleanlinees is  next to godlines
6. anti litter dont  be bitter stop this litter
7. dont litter make your campus neat
8. join  your hands for campus clean & make a role model to all
9. keep your caampus clean for the  upcoming generation to see
10. make our dream by making clean campus & make your campus a roll model for all
11.cleanliiness is our happiness
12. clean campus is our dream it . do it
13. dear people lok around walk a circle to our campus but dont litter
14. keep your campus clean & green
15. clean the campus from up & down lets all work & make a neat campus
16. clean college , healthy college
17. east & west , north & south cleanliness is best so make our campus neat 
18. healthy campus , wealthy campus
19. dont be so mean keep our campus clean
20. to be clean , is to civilizzed  
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1)clean india green india
2)green india beatiful india
3)beautiful india neat india
4)neat india great india
5)we have only one earth so start to clean our earth
6)clean and green is a perfect dream
7)look  around walk around breath clean air but dont litter
8)keep your city clean and green for the future generation to be seen
9)Yesterday we smoked the green, today we keep it clean. Be green or you’re mean.
Yesterday we smoked the green, today we keep it clean. Be green or you’re mean.
11)keep it clean keep it clean
12)dont litter it makes the world bitter
13)god gave us green let us keep it clean
14)being green is taking clean
15)live life cleaner make earth greener
16)lets go green to get our globe clean
17)keep our surronding clean,make the earth green
18)cleanliness is a emblem of purity of mind
Anti-Litter, Don’t Be Bitter, Stop This Litter!
20)green earth clean earth
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