Forests influence the quality of our air, soil and quality because forests have many trees and plants in it which means through the help of photosynthesis they produce more oxygen and it also helps in cleaning the air. their roots help them to absorb water and if their will be less trees or no trees it will cause in soil erosion and it is said that the river that flows near forest are usually good for drinking because there is very less pollution in forests. 
Forests play an important role in improving the quality of soil, water and air indeed.

Influence on air 
During the process of photosynthesis plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen thus maintaining the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Influence on soil 
The roots of the trees hold the soil particles together thus reducing the soil erosion.Hence the more trees the less soil erosion.
Influence on water
Since the trees help in reducing soil erosion by water and air hence it helps to lessen water pollution

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