Hi friends please try to answer my question .
Draw a line AB and take two points C and E on opposite sides of AB. Through C Draw CD perpendicular AB and through E draw EF perpendicular AB ( Using (i) ruler and set squares (ii) ruler and compasses)

please answer my question i just want the steps only!!!


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1)Using ruler and compass
i)draw line AB and take points C and E as condition.
ii)Taking  C as centre Draw two arcs on AB
iii)and Taking centre as intersection of AB and arcs...Draw 2 arcs on opposite side of AB....joint C and intersection of that Arcs.
iv)u will get perpendicular CD.Same Process for EF.

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ok thanks for answering !
the questions said - ruler and set squares... so you have not explained that...
you have explained the second one using compass.