Leonardo Da Vinci was the inventer of scissor
T was not until the middle ages that the scissors started to look the way we know them today. Leonardo DaVinci, famed painter of the Mona Lisa and outstanding inventor, is most frequently credited with inventing the modern sicssor formed from two separate pieces of metal, attached at a central pivot point.

However tools with a similar look and function, yet clearly a different tool, have been dated to 1500BC, long before DaVinci's birth in 1452. These first scissors were quite different than the ones we have today, and were formed from one piece of metal, bent and sharpened on both ends in order to form the scissor blades. This basic scissors concept is still found today in the sheep shearing industry as the classic sheering instrument.

Classic scissors are made of standard carbon steel. The higher the carbon content, the harder the scissors and the harder the scissors are, the longer they will perform their cutting function. Modern manufacturing techniques also include stainless steel. This alloy is rustproof, nickel-free, and can be well hardened. Acme has recently included titanium in its manufacturing process providing increased cutting performance and longevity.