before 19th century:

child marriage was very common and almost 90% children were got married before they were 18 years old.

widow remarriage was not allowed.they had a very difficult life.

women were not allowed to study.they were taught that girls should stay at home and do all the works of a housewife.

after 19 th century:

child marriage was forbidden by the government.

widows could be remarried.their lives improved.

women had the equal right to education as the boys had.
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widow remarriage was not allowed in 20th century in was a very difficult task for the girls of india......even child marriage was also n established in 19th century.....for children the parents used to do marriage for their children after they grow bigger the girl sufffers a lot because of this child marrriage....comming to the widow remarriage.....when a girl becomes widow they used to do remarrige for them means we can call;...secondĀ marriage,second shadi and so on.....
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