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Accommodation of payloads means making the payloads and MOM suitable to withstand all conditions that will be present in its orbit and any other possible events that may be encountered.  Atmospheric conditions, dust, radiation from every where & light from Sun, temperature ranges, and possible eclipses. Strengths and characteristics of materials used should be suitable to these.

    Further the capabilities of the electronic instruments and imaging apparatus are designed to be able to sense or capture the data from the atmosphere and the shallow surface of Mars.


See diagram of MOM please.  The 2nd diagram shows the payloads clearly.


Payloads on Mars Orbiter Mission:

     MOM has 5 scientific exploration based instruments or devices.  These are the payloads (electronic devices).   Lyman-Alpha Photometer (LAP),  Methane sensor, Exospheric Neutral composition Analyzer, Thermal  Infrared Imaging Spectrometer, Mars Color camera.  These are functioning now and are sending data to us through the transponder device.  These are weighing 1 kg to 3 kg each.

     MOM weighs 1350 kg along with its fuel.  It has solar panels to generate 800 Watts of energy and is stored in a Lithium ion battery.    MOM has fuel to last for 1 year as against 6 months intended mission (when it entered the Aero-centric orbit).   There are three antennas high gain antenna, medium gain antenna and low gain antenna.  There is a reflector that receives signals and transmits signals towards Earth.  A transponder communicates with master control facility of ISRO, via a TWT amplifier and an antenna array.

   Aluminum and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) material is used for MOM as it has high strength/unit mass, no rusting, and high temperature withstanding capability.

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