Initially, Dr Sadao was in dilemma. He could not understand whether he should tend the American soldier, who was dying, or hand him over to Japanese Army as a patriot. He was a kind hearted doctor so his goodness wins over him. He risked his own life and gave Tom, the American soldier, shelter in his own house. The servants in the house were against the idea of helping a soldier from an enemy nation. However, Hana, the doctor's wife agreed to help Sadao. Sadao fills the cut with sea moss to stop the profuse bleeding. Both of them picked up the unconscious prisoner and rested him on a matted floor of Sadao's father's bedroom. Hana washed his wound with steaming hot water. Sadao operated on his body and took out the bullet while Hana helped Sadao with anesthesia. As the prisoner did not have proper food for days, his body was weak and skinny. So both took care of his weak body and helped him to regain his strength. Moreover, Hana fed him with her own hands. Later, although the doctor informs the general to keep the loyalty towards his country but after spending three sleepless nights he gradually helps the prisoner to escape.
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